A Look Progression


I thought it was amusing how much I've changed over the short time I've been on SL, so I decided to share it here.

Myself and Jenica Landar when we were first starting out (photo taken from Rhiannon Lewinter.) We look a bit..noobish. Check out my....everything. Whoa.
A gargoyle and me. This was in Transylvania with Jenica Landar and her man, Nico. She took the photo. I dig the Space Invaders scarf.
And this is now. At present, I am lying on the couch in Cyanide, since I can't TP anywhere. Awesome.

I still dig the Space Invaders scarf.

The Return.


Oh hey. Wow, it's been a while. Heh, what can I say, life is busy.
Well, I'm here now, and I have at least a few things to toss your way, even if you have possibly seen them already.

First up! There's a new store around called Cyanide, and they have some great piercings, tats for the ladies, and some shapes. Rumor has it there may be some skins in the future as well. But, for now, there is a lucky chair for shapes, a camping chair for a piercing set, and a dollarbie shape for men and women. (Not to mention they have the Cyanide Girls. Hot!)

(On an unrelated note: the tape on my fingers comes from Sinistyle [L$25]. Get it here.)
I, of course, am wearing the male one in this photo (called Elston), as well as the set of Arsenic piercings.

The piercings cost L$175. The shape is, obviously, L$1. Get snag them, and other stuff, here.

I'm honestly too lazy to take photos (and very bad at it besides), so I'll just fill you in on the rest, textually.

Laqroki, of course, has a freebie for men, and one for women, in the apparel store (just follow the TP board). There was a rumor of free hair too, but I searched the hair store and came up empty. Hit up Laqroki here.

Peppermint Blue always has a wall of freebies, and when they can, they have a men's freebie. This time around, it's a suit. Hit them up here.

Gear Shift has three freebies lying out, all you have to do is join the group to get them. The stuff you have to buy in the store isn't bad either. Head on over there.

Creations By Ana has a ton of dollarbie bracelets, mostly for women, but there are at least three there that guys can wear, if they wear bracelets. Head over there.

Belleza still has the free skins for men and women in the main area of the store when you first walk in. Go get them. It's worth it. Trust me, those things are expensive. Get over there.

At Vitamen, you can go to the lucky board and get a pair of underwear. (You probably need it anyway.)

Also, the plan for a small place to put freebies and dollarbies for men is still a go. So be watching this blog. I almost have some land secured.