Photo Ops Galore!


I spent some time today running around with my friend, Jenica Landar, and we were snapping photos like mad people. Enjoy the pics, and drop by the places!

CREAMSHOP has a little stage hidden by the Furniture section, where we cut up and flew like birds. We have fantastic acting skills, eh?Hello from the islands!
Ack, water spray!Jeni, Jeni?! Where'd you go?!
AGH! *spews water and rolls off the rock* Jeeeeeeeeeeeennnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnniiiiiiiii!!!!!!

Yeah, we survived that, but only barely.
Never sit on the rocks while the waves are wild.

Freebs: The Eighteenth Round

Slip over to KCreations and get....a set of catsuits. I'm hoping it's something along the lines of X-Men, but then, I'm just a geek like that.



In about 2 (or maybe 3) weeks time, I will be opening a store called Findings. This store will be filled (mostly) with dollarbies and freebies for men, and will have some unisex items thrown in.

I'm trying to create a place where men (like myself) can go find some afforable things in one place, and also provide a place for some designers to get a little free advertising.

I'll be busy for a while; contacting store owners, collecting donations, helping piece together my idea of what the store should look like, setting out the goods, and trying to keep myself sane.

Eventually, I will probably add in some things for the women, but since there are so many stores for the ladies out there with very good freebies, I'll still be focusing mainly on men and the unisex things (which, hey...the ladies can pull off wearing our clothes, but we just come out looking silly if we do that).

So, if anyone happens by and reads this that wants to help out or knows someone that would help out, give me a yell in world, or on here.

Freebs: The Seventeenth Round


Alta Moda is moving it's main store, and they're having a moving sale. Aside from the sale items, you can go around the store, starting outside by the moving truck, and click on the boxes held by the mover men (non person avatars carrying cardboard boxes) to get prizes. The one outside is a unisex gift, and the rest of the men's gifts are upstairs. Of course, that means downstairs is a bunch of women's things.And over at Heaven's Skin & Shape, you can find some men's skins, shapes, clothes, and hair for free. The rest of the store is various free and not so free things for women.
UPDATE: Again, it seems, this may be a place with stolen items. As soon as I find out if what someone told me in private is true or not, I will figure out what to do.
Absentia has a table of freebies, and two lucky chairs for the ladies (I assume, anyway). So go grab the freebies that exist for us guys, and show the others off to the ladies you know.
And lastly, we have Taro Fashion, which my lovely Nytefyre Gravois left me a message about, which has a few men's and women's freebies right inside the door for you to go snag.

Freebs: The Sixteenth Round

Nooby Doo has tons of things for men and women for free, and there are camping chairs for both sexes with various items you can camp for, but only if you have 100 minutes to spend on it. And yes, there are two lucky chairs, but they seem to only be for the ladies.
Then go over to Leisurely and find some cheap skins, boots, and some random home related objects, as well as cheap things for the ladies. Most of it is only 10L, so enjoy.
Caledon Victoria City has two wagons full of freebies and dollarbies, but most of them are geared toward the steampunk movement. However, I did get everything male related there, because I'm a pack rat of the highest order.Shiny Things has a pair of painter's shoes (unisex) for 0L, and of course, all the shoes in store are great, so get some.
LA Couture has a wall on the first floor with a group join sign, a dollarbie unisex shirt, and a monthly gift for both men and women.
Starlust Motel always has a ton of dollarbies and such inside the motel lobby, and the stores around the land have good clothing at reasonable prices, so go check them out, for yourself and your lady friend.Go to Gracile and snag a kick ass hat for just 75L.

Freebs: The Fifteenth Round

Over at StarChild you can buy some clothes and shoes for a dollar a piece, because they are making room for some new inventory, but I'm not sure how long it'll last, so get down there quickly! The men's dollarbies are upstairs, and the ladies are downstairs.
UPDATE: I'm leaving this up, for now...but someone informed me in private that this place possibly has mostly (if not all) stolen products, and once I find out if this is true or not, I may be taking this down.

Dia de los Muertos Hunt!


Persephone dropped me a note the other day informing me of her Dia de los Muertos Hunt, and I'm passing it on to whomever drops by to read this:


The Dia de los Muertos Hunt is on!

Persephone's Grove is celebrating Samhain and Dia de los Muertos with a hunt! Search all the parcels of Persephone's Grove and the Merry Meet for 25 skulls full of prizes from the merchants here -- buy for 0L and get the goodies inside!

Hunt ends November 10th, so hurry over before the prizes vanish back beyond the veil!

Click here to start digging for those skulls!

Freebs: The Fourteenth Round

You can drop by Adora and snag a freebie box, and there's also one for your lady friend(s).And over at Petti Things you can find some free dances (some for us, some for the ladies) and a blinking title to hang over your head and announce...whatever you want to announce, really.

UPDATE: After being informed and checking, it would seem that all the stuff I reported on from Lasher Mountain, was, in fact...stolen, so I've removed it from the blog.

Theft is wrong, people.
Make your own shit, okay?
Or at least use the legal resellers, you morons.

Freebs: The Thirteenth Round


Christmas has decided to, well, ban Christmas for now in favor of Halloween (Nightmare Before Christmas, anyone?) and I managed to see a few things that interested me.
There is a pumpkin swing with four poses suspended high in the air, which made for a minutes worth of amusement, and spinning pumpkins on the left snowbank behind some of the stores.

But! I also found a free Halloween skybox at Boddhisattva.

And what I can only assume (since I didn't really buy it) is a collection of art at Rujimeal.
Then I headed to the top of the summit, and I dropped to my knees in wonder and praise of the Great Pumpkin and his giant suckers and chocolate and ice cream!

Freebs: The Twelfth Round


Vain Inc announced a grid-wide Ghost Busters hunt, which will run from the 24th of October til the 31st, so you better move quickly....starting with this link right here.

While out on this hunt, I was pointed to Tiny Seadog where I found some dollarbie houses for your view/purchasing pleasure.

Freebs: The Eleventh Round


Drop by the Velvet Free Boutique and find random freebies of varying degrees of quality. They also have a nightclub if you get bored.

Double Standards Trivia and Mall
has a hunt going on.

SG5 Designs has a free Halloween shirt on the left of the landing point.

More later!

Freebs: The Tenth Round

There's a Midnight Mania board at Serina Lecava for us guys, and it never hits 75 at midnight to give us some free clothes (I know because I usually hit this board to check everyday), so let's start making some use of it. Also, grab the men's freebie box near the door.

Freebs: The Ninth Round

Head down to the LeadMall's Kat Killer and snag a box of freebies for us menfolk.
Then wander around the rest of the mall and find some boots for $25L, some decent hair from Black Maria (not free), and some boxes of cheap/free clothes from places like Helter Skelter.

And, of course, stop by the Unlucky Chair.

Freebs: The Eighth Round


Bare Rose has Lucky Chairs and a Lucky Fortune Booth with some Halloween outfits for the guys and gals, as shown by myself and the lovely (and mini!) Sojourner Timeless.

WoE has a pair of men's jeans for $1L, and if you join the subscribe-o-matic, you could very well get more stuff.

Freebs: The Seventh Round

Slip over to Bounce and snag a shirt and some pants in the freebie/dollarbie area. And yes, skirts and a skin for the ladies. (Unless one of you guys wants a skirt,'s your life.)
AB Apparel has an outfit for $1L, so go get it.
Go to Mechanism, join the update group, look through the history and snag a skull scarf, then grab the two boxes on the right by the door for a free men's bracelet and some checked pants.

Freebs: The Sixth Round


Drop by Rocker's Wear and snag a shirt, jacket, shorts, and two pairs of pants for 10L a pop. And yes, cheapies for the ladies too.

Grudge Designs has a wall of dollarbies featuring Batman, The Hulk, Indiana Jones, and Iron Man. Woo! My inner comic book geek is pleased by this offering.
And stop by Sidewalk Clothing to dig through the clothes selection and try out the lucky chair for men. Then go to Philotic Energy and pick up the cheapie hair, try out the lucky chair, and join the update group.

Freebs: The Fifth Round

I dropped into Izumiya Fashion & Object today and found this collection of freebies, among some other ones for the ladies.

Freebs: The Fourth Round

I walked around FS Mall today and found two sets of hair in stores side by side for free (Discord and Meteorain), but I didn't find the rumored vest from the Free*Style blog. But then, I can get lost in a paper bag, so that's not saying much.

Freebs: The Third Round

Attitudes has three pairs of boxers for those of us that use them.
And yes, yes I did stand outside the store and strip down. What?
Head over to sey and join the group (click the sey pic on the back wall there) and get this Halloween hat and glove set.
Join the Savvy Avvy Subscribe-O-Matic and snag a free cardigan and some other stuff in the History.With that, I go to bed! Ciao!