I Gots Me Some Gold


Little Britain (the store, not the show) has a hunt for 13 gold coins around their sim. I haven't been able to find out how long it lasts, so it might not be for too long. Who knows?

*EDIT* Apparently, this hunt ended already. Like, a short while ago...maybe an hour or a little over (it's 5:20am in my corner of the world now.) Kudos if you got to the hunt, if not...sorry suckah! >=}

At any rate, I went and did this hunt, and I'm gonna show some of my finds here, except the pants, which all seems to be for girls, or at least didn't fit right on me, personally.

In this shot:

Boogie Man shirt (Little Britain hunt) - 0L

Lucas Jeans and belt (WoE)- Not Free

Leather Cuffs (Alt7) - 0L

Sneakers (Hoorenbeek [MHOH item]) - 0L

Hair (Novocaine) - Not Free

Skin (Alphamale) - Not Free

Tattoos (Custom Inkz) - Not Free

Below the Belt Tattoos (RocX) - Not Free

Fingertape (Sinistyle) - Not Free

Pose is from Animations Rising (also an MHOH item) - 0L

All Furniture (if you wanna know) is from Mudhoney and Tango NY. The skybox I dwell in is from Hazelnut Leaf, and was a camping chair thing from a hell of a long time ago.

In this shot:

Drama King shirt (Little Britain hunt) - 0L

In this shot:

Willy Wanker shirt (Little Britain hunt) - 0L

In these shots: Fat People Are Hard To Kidnap shirt (Little Britain hunt) - 0L

In this shot: I Am Legend shirt (Little Britain hunt) - 0L

In this shot: I Fear More Beer shirt (Little Britain hunt) - 0L

In this shot: Little Britain Twat shirt (Little Britain hunt) - 0L

In this shot: UK Asbo shirt (Little Britain hunt) - 0L

This other pose used in this shoot came from MADesigns (MHOH item).

That's pretty much it for now, I had shots of the MHOH stuff, but since everyone out there has already covered it, I decided not to bother editing or uploading them.


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