Freebs: The Seventeenth Round


Alta Moda is moving it's main store, and they're having a moving sale. Aside from the sale items, you can go around the store, starting outside by the moving truck, and click on the boxes held by the mover men (non person avatars carrying cardboard boxes) to get prizes. The one outside is a unisex gift, and the rest of the men's gifts are upstairs. Of course, that means downstairs is a bunch of women's things.And over at Heaven's Skin & Shape, you can find some men's skins, shapes, clothes, and hair for free. The rest of the store is various free and not so free things for women.
UPDATE: Again, it seems, this may be a place with stolen items. As soon as I find out if what someone told me in private is true or not, I will figure out what to do.
Absentia has a table of freebies, and two lucky chairs for the ladies (I assume, anyway). So go grab the freebies that exist for us guys, and show the others off to the ladies you know.
And lastly, we have Taro Fashion, which my lovely Nytefyre Gravois left me a message about, which has a few men's and women's freebies right inside the door for you to go snag.

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